Diamond Buying Guide

Diamond Buying Guide

Buying a diamond for most people is an intimidating and confusing experience. But with today's ease of access to information, it should be less overwhelming and more intriguing as an experience. Milano's diamond information & education is clearly made to help our customers make the right and informed decision tailored to their needs. If you would like to know all there is to know about buying a diamond or diamond jewelry, read on...

There are three major factors to keep in mind while buying a diamond:

1. Purpose

Most people buy diamonds for Engagements and Weddings, but diamonds being a girl's best friend, can be bought for various other special occasions. Whether you are proposing, getting married, just got a promotion, gifting for a birthday, Mother's day or Valentine's day...nothing makes it as special as a piece of diamond jewelry. Milano has the entire range of diamond jewelry to fit every occasion!

2. Your expectations on Clarity, Cut, Color & Carat

Assuming you have already made yourself familiar with our Diamond Education guide, it is time to decide what aspect of the diamond appeals to you the most. Is it the cut (which determines its shimmer)? Is it clarity (which determines its sparkle)? Is it the Color (which determines its whiteness)? Or is it the carat and size of the diamond that matters to you the most?

No diamond is completely symmetrical, flawless and pure white. So being realistic about your expectations is very important. Nevertheless, a diamond can be ideal for YOU if you know what you are looking for in it! The realistic approach would be to prioritize your preferences between these 4 Cs, and then filter through your choices.

3. The Budget

No matter how wealthy one is, everyone has a budget! Identify a range and stick by it until the end. This will make sure that you are not overspending or going over your budget for a few aspects in the stone that might not be important to you. Again, having a realistic budget (keeping in mind your quality expectations) is extremely crucial.

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