Cleaning Your Jewelry

How To Clean Your Jewelry

Depending on the type of jewelry you own, the process of cleaning and caring for your jewelry can differ. Jewelry with plain metal like gold or silver, is less complicated to clean than ones with diamonds. Gemstone jewelry is the trickiest to clean, since every gem reacts differently to cleaning solutions, and one has to be very careful. Below are some simple cleaning methods that Milano suggests, for different types of jewelry...hope that you find this helpful!


Try this simple household cleaning tip for all your metal jewelry. Do not do this with jewelry which has any type of stones in it.

- Soak the piece of jewelry in 1/2cup warm water & 1/2 cup of ammonia(baking soda), for about 10 minutes

- Remove from the solution and gently wipe with a soft cloth

- Let it dry


Just because your diamond jewelry is high value, it does not mean you need to pay big bucks to get it cleaned!

- Drop your dulled diamond jewelry in a bowl of fizzing Alka-seltzer water for about 5 minutes

- Remove it and wipe with a soft jewelry cleaning cloth, and see it sparkle like new!

- Another way of cleaning diamond jewelry is to soak it in hot soapy water for about 10 minutes.

- Remove and clean with a soft bristled brush

- Dry with a soft cloth


Gemstone jewelry is very tricky to clean, because each gem reacts differently to different solutions. The safest way to clean gemstones is to use regular soap.

- Soak your gemstone jewelry in warm soapy water for 5 minutes

- Remove and scrub very lightly with a soft bristle brush. Using any hard brush on gemstones will scratch and ruin the stone

- Wipe dry with a soft cloth

For any kind of jewelry, remember to store it in separate bags (cloth or plastic) to avoid scratches and tarnishing. The rule of thumb to maintain your beautiful jewelry: It should be the first thing you remove when you get home and the last thing you wear when you are stepping out!

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