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Affordable Luxury
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Silver Luxuries Collection   |   Experience the Fabulous Tradition of Shimmering Silver, Handcrafted in Italy!
Silver has been mined and prized for its beauty, durability, and luminescence for more than 6,000 years. In Ancient Egypt and Medieval Europe, silver was often considered more valuable than gold. From the Appian Way in Ancient Rome to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, this beautiful, white, and radiant metal has adorned countless empresses, queens, princesses, and movie stars. Now you can feel like a star with a magnificent bracelet or necklace from the Silver Luxuries Collection. The elegant, modern line reflects the glorious history of this captivating metal, with striking necklaces and bracelets fit for a modern-day Cleopatra. Combining classic tradition with flawless contemporary styling, every piece in the line has exquisite detailing, fine craftsmanship, and a magical allure. There is nothing that says I love you like a quarter carat of sparkling white diamonds set in a gorgeous heart. Available as a bracelet or necklace, these spectacular keepsakes are destined to be part of your personal history. Buy one or the pair as a perfect engagement or anniversary present – a splendidly stylish way to say how much you love her! Elegant, shiny, sparkling, and precious – but amazingly affordable, the classic toggle clasps make these pieces effortless to put on. If you really wish to summon the sizzling sexiness of the Nile Queen, try the sleek magnificence of the panther in the animal’s namesake bracelet or necklace. For those with more delicate tastes, the multi-strand necklaces create a veil of understated elegance, cascading down like a gentle waterfall. Whatever piece you choose, these luxurious necklaces and bracelets will become prized possessions in your jewelry box, although you’ll likely not want to take them off. Handcrafted, polished, and finished in Italy, a country known for the finest crafted sterling silver jewelry in the world, they will bring compliments wherever you go.
White Silver Stud Larimar Earrings
$ 54
0.25 ctw. Onyx Pendant With 0.25tw Cubic Zirconia and Onyx
$ 110
0.65 ctw. Opalite Pendant With 0.65tw Cubic Zirconia and Opalite
$ 154
Mother of Pearl Pendant With Mother of Pearl
$ 46
Larimar Earrings With Larimar
$ 430  SALE $ 176
Inlay Earring With Opal
$ 108
0.05 ctw. Caribbean Fish Earring with Mother of Pearl and 0.05tw Cubic Zirconia
$ 127
1.20 ctw. Onyx Bangle With 1.20tw Cubic Zirconia and Onyx
$ 740  SALE $ 303
1.60 ctw. Opalite Bracelet With 1.60tw Cubic Zirconia and Inlay Opal
$1,140  SALE $ 467
11.15 ctw. Rainbow Topaz Quartz Earring With 10.30tw Rainbow Topaz and 0.85tw Cubic Zirconia
$ 575  SALE $ 236
9.20 ctw. Rainbow Topaz Quartz Earring With 9.20tw Rainbow Topaz
$ 138
8.20 ctw. Rainbow Topaz Quartz Earring With 8.20tw Rainbow Topaz
$ 138
12.60 ctw. Amethyst Earring With 12.60tw Amethyst
$ 161
3.20 ctw. Peridot Earring With 3.20tw Simulated Peridot
$ 97
11.00 ctw. Rainbow Topaz Quartz Earring With 11.00tw Rainbow Topaz
$ 147
4.40 ctw. Rainbow Topaz Quartz Earrings With 4.40tw Rainbow Topaz
$ 83
5.45 ctw. Rainbow Topaz Quartz Earring With 4.40tw Rainbow Topaz and 1.05tw Cubic Zirconia
$ 154
2.60 ctw. Rainbow Topaz Quartz Earring With 2.60tw Rainbow Topaz
$ 76
8.20 ctw. Rainbow Topaz Quartz Earring With 8.20tw Rainbow Topaz
$ 140
0.80 ctw. Rainbow Topaz Quartz Earring With 0.80tw Rainbow Topaz and 0.05tw Cubic Zirconia
$ 30
8.80 ctw. Rainbow Topaz Quartz Earring With 8.80tw Rainbow Topaz
$ 124
9.80 ctw. Citrine Earring With 9.80tw Synthetic Citrine
$ 143
6.40 ctw. Rainbow Topaz Quartz Earring With 6.40tw Rainbow Topaz
$ 117
0.96 ctw. Circle of life Multi Sapphire Earring With 0.96tw Multi Color Sapphire
$ 120
15.50 ctw. Blue Topaz Earring With 15.50tw Blue Topaz
$ 440  SALE $ 180
0.66 ctw. Forget me not flower Multi Sapphire Earring With 0.66tw Synthetic Multi Sapphire
$ 87
0.64 ctw. Forget me not flower Multi Sapphire Earring With 0.64tw Multi Color Sapphire
$ 83
1.63 ctw. Multi Sapphire Earring With 1.08tw Multi Color Sapphire and 0.55tw Cubic Zirconia
$ 129
0.66 ctw. White Strlng Slvr Treated Garnet Earring With 0.66tw Simulated Garnet and White Sapphire
$ 89
17.65 ctw. Rainbow Topaz Quartz Bracelet With 16.20tw Rainbow Topaz and 1.45tw Cubic Zirconia
$ 710  SALE $ 291
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