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Since ancient times, birthstones have been considered to have healing & therapeutic powers for the wearer. Depending on your birth month, there is a gemstone for you! Legend is that if you wear the birthstone of the month you were born in, it will balance your flaws and enhance your strengths. Come check out the April Birthstone!

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Crafted with exacting precision and the most advanced diamond setting techniques, Brilliant Diamond Jewelry reflects perfect harmony between old-world craftsmanship and exquisite styling. The Brilliant Diamond Collection is designed with the most advanced diamond setting techniques, remarkable precision, and vivid imagination. Old-world craftsmanship and exquisite styling combine to harness the dazzle of multiple smaller stones, manifesting in an astonishing optical illusion of a sensational solitaire. This innovative design begins with one round center diamond, which is then surrounded by eight scintillating diamonds. Together they form something truly astonishing. For the same amount of carats, the Brilliant Diamond Collection pieces capture the brilliance of a much more expensive, eye-catching stone. Symbolically, it suggests that when individuals come together, their union results in a magnificent whole. This masterful technique is a perfect illustration of how “from many, one” is an alluring and achievable aspiration.

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Anniversaries are a time to reflect, remember, and celebrate the most special moments in our lives. What infuses those moments with significance are the people who made them possible, which is why celebration jewelry is the perfect anniversary gift for your beloved. Weddings are about two people deeply in love with each other, who know that together life becomes a much more joyous, interesting, and magical journey. Anniversaries are about acknowledging that not only is that still the case, but also that your love and connection has grown deeper every year and continues to thrive. Our Celebration Jewelry Collection is a testimony to enduring love that blossoms in periods of happiness and strengthens when presented with challenges.

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Cherish the memories you made on your last beach or cruise vacation. From the peacefule sound of the waves to the palm trees swaying in the breeze, capture those moments into beautiful timeless pieces of diamond and gemstone jewelry. Our Cruise collection will make you relive your vacation memories and make you feel like you are on one again!

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The Dancing Diamonds Collection encases diamonds in settings designed specifically to create a spectacular shimmering effect, allowing the diamonds to dance in the light with the slightest movement. These special pendants and earrings range in style from elegant to whimsical. Whether you prefer the simple but sensuous curves of figure eights or distinctive and fun shapes, such as our ocean-inspired palm trees or dolphins, you will find a piece that captures the wearer’s personality in each reflection of these magnificent diamonds. The majority of The Dazzling Diamonds Collection is designed with white gold and white diamonds, but there are also pendants available for those who want something a bit different. If you gravitate towards yellow gold or contrasting metals, there are a few lovely pieces that possess that same tantalizing twinkle. If you want to complement white diamonds with another gemstone, our stunning blue diamonds are gorgeous and truly unique. The decision process begins by exploring our numerous, detailed settings. Once you choose a design, you also will have selected diamonds that dazzle and delight.

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In The Divina Collection, rare, natural, and yellow diamonds take center stage. These stones with their captivating yellow hue brilliant as the morning sun are available in rings, pendants, earrings, and even a bracelet. Accented with small white diamonds in creative and eye-catching designs, these pieces are a true find. Each setting in The Divina Collection makes a statement in itself, but the true star are these radiant yellow diamonds. They are a perfect example of nature’s ability to amaze us with the gifts it produces. Whether you are choosing a gift for yourself or someone else, these extraordinary and natural yellow diamonds communicate to the world that the wearer is a special individual with exceptional taste who is positively divine in every way.

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The Expressions by Milano Collection was curated based on the concept that you can express who you are and tell your story through the jewelry you wear. Whether each piece commemorates a special moment in your life or conveys a specific side of your personality, upon first glance, your earrings divulge who you are. Not everyone realizes how much their jewelry reveals about themselves. Traditionalists will be drawn to diamond solitaire stud earrings, which suggest elegance, style, and grace. Modernists cannot resist the dramatic contrast of black and white diamonds or the tantalizing beauty of rare tanzanite. Both these choices transmit confidence, innovation, and splendor, but in slightly different ways. For those who fall somewhere in between, gravitating towards timeless pieces that possess a distinctive dash of flair, blue and yellow diamonds or unusual settings will convey an appreciation for classics and a desire to demonstrate what makes them unique. Tell your story with the Expressions by Milano Collection earrings. The world is listening by watching.

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The L’Artiste Collection’s art-inspired contemporary gemstone jewelry celebrates the endless possibilities of pure imagination. This striking selection contains gemstones from across the spectrum. For diamond devotees, there are not only classic white diamonds in remarkable settings, but also brilliant and rare blue, black, and brown diamonds. Gorgeous gemstones are also key components of the L’Artiste Collection. Tanzanite, ruby, emerald, sapphire, and citrine pieces offer a radiant rainbow of possibilities. The magic of modernity is that it surprises us by creating an entirely new context for classic concepts. Diamonds and gemstones will always sparkle, but these exceptional settings and creative combinations showcase them in a magnificently unique way. These rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets are transformed into something memorable and inspiring. They become wearable art, combining the innovative perspective of the jewelry designer with the splendid qualities that distinguish you from all others.

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If you’re looking for the best deals, this is the place to be! Whether it be engagement rings,wedding rings, fashion jewelry or the most popular designs in the market which we have ever manufactured, the most unbeatable deals are to be found here!!! You may compare these deals with any jeweler but you will not be able to find a more competitive price. Milano has more than 40 jewelry stores spread over Alaska, Caribbean and Mexico. These are the handpicked designs that sold the most but somehow we have excess stock of it. For rings, you may use our ring size chart and we will be happy to custom size them for you based on the designs

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Our men’s jewelry collection is curated specifically with fashionable gentlemen in mind. By focusing on clean lines and quality stones, our options are as dashing and dignified as the men who wear them. Whether you are searching for unique men’s wedding bands or something to commemorate a special occasion, our men’s jewelry collection offers many possibilities. The traditional elegance of white diamonds in white or yellow gold could be your best choice. A pop of color, however, furnishes interesting detail without too much flash. Consider whether the color of one of these stones correlates with something significant in your man’s life. Birthstones are a popular thought, but, if you are perusing through unique men’s wedding bands for a ring that makes a statement, select a stone that represents the month of your wedding. For a special occasion, many sports fans and scholars consider their team or school colors an important reflection of their identity. A favorite or lucky color can be equally expressive. With such a carefully curated collection at your disposal, you can rest assured your chosen ring will be a tasteful, impressive, and true representation of the man wearing it.

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The One and Only Collection is a classic bridal jewelry collection that captures the true love between you and your betrothed, while also forecasting a destiny built on a bond that will deepen throughout your marriage. A couple’s wedding bands should complement one another, but also can include a detail that is specific to each of you as individuals. Rings chosen at the beginning of your marital journey also should hint at the wondrous future that awaits you both. For many, white diamonds represent traditional successful marriages, while the setting reveals what makes your partnership unique. Others choose the magnificent hues of blue or brown diamonds to provide a contrast that honors tradition and welcomes adventure. The One and Only Collection is assembled with only one thought in mind–the magnificence of enjoying true partnership and enduring love when you have found your one and only.

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The Pretty in Pink Collection showcases the magical world of morganite. Found only in Brazil, morganites are fast gaining popularity and climbing up to the “most wanted” position quickly! These vibrant pink gemstones set in rose gold are positively enchanting! Whether you are about to paint the town pink at a special event or simply want to add some pizzazz to your jeans and pumps, these fascinating pink morganites will look fabulous. When looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, everything takes on a dreamy, romantic glow. Similarly, pink morganite is often described as evoking pleasant feelings of relaxation, serenity, and delight. Anyone who sees a piece from the Pretty in Pink Collection will be enthralled by the charming, lovely, and extraordinary person wearing it.

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The Silver Luxuries Collection brings to you beautifully crafted jewelry, made in the heart of Italy. Try on one of our pieces to bring an instant glam look to any outfit! Wear it to work, for casual evening dinners and more. This beautiful collection is sure to give you a put together look!

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The Symphony Collection is a selection of bracelets and bangles that will make any wrist sparkle with sophisticated and timeless designs. The White Gold Symphony Bracelet encircles a wrist with 55 gorgeous round diamonds, totaling 5 carats, in a classic tennis bracelet setting. This exquisite and refined piece epitomizes The Symphony Collection. The elegant beauty of each bracelet and bangle in this collection is a result of pairing stones and settings in perfect harmony. Many of these pieces highlight the sublime brilliance of white diamonds, but no Milano collection is complete without spectacular rare stones. The alluring blue, yellow, and black diamonds combine tradition with exceptionalism to magnificent effect. The always-stunning Tanzanite is positively transcendent when adorning someone’s wrist. Whether you are shopping for a gift or want to treat yourself to some wrist candy, the Symphony Collection offers bracelets and bangles suitable for daily wear but also remarkable enough to be worn on special occasions.

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The Tanzanite Dreams collection celebrates one of the world’s most rare and beautiful gemstones. Only available in Tanzania, this majestic stone is deeply coveted for its intense blue hue tinged in purple. Tanzanite has surpassed sapphire as the quintessential blue gemstone and was designated a December birthstone in 2002. Still, it remains distinctive and unusual due to its scarcity. Those who wear this regal stone are considered confident, creative, and one-of-a-kind. They do not shy away from being different; rather they embrace it. The Tanzanite Dreams Collection was curated with these exceptional people in mind. Often encased in diamonds, there is no doubt that tanzanite is the true star of these pieces. Diamonds, especially ones as lovely as these, typically outshine everything, but as soon as tanzanite enters the equation all eyes are on this breathtaking blue stone. Step into the spotlight with tantalizing tanzanite and let your true personality shine.

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