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Gemstone Education


A gemstone or gem is a piece of rare mineral crystal, which, in cut and polished form, fetches a high value, and is used in jewelry. Certain gems such as lapis lazuli & amber are not minerals but are also used for jewelry, and are considered to be gemstones as well. There are over two hundred recognized gemstones. 

Gemstones are graded in quality by the purity of their hue, the depth of tone, and the color saturation. That does not necessarily mean that the darker the color, the better the quality. In fact, in precious gem stones (such as Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire), the color should be intense enough but not too dark, in order to let the light pass through the stone, for luster and sparkle. 
In opaque stones (such as Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, & Malachite) the Depth of the color, graining, and the amount of fractures/pits will determine the quality of the stone. 

Almost all gemstones have inclusions. Even those most highly prized have at least some inclusions. Flawless gemstones are extremely rare and high priced. The best value is found in gems that are lightly to moderately included, like those in Milano's gemstone jewelry. The one important aspect to look for in terms of clarity for non-opaque gemstones is the transparency and the amount of light that can pass through it to make it shimmer. 

Unlike diamonds, gemstones do not have a standard or "ideal" cut that would work across the board for all the gemstones. To determine a high quality cut for a gemstone, one needs to look for even color, lesser inclusions and making sure that most of the weight is on the face of the stone instead of hiding under it. 

Since ancient times, birthstones have been considered to have healing & therapeutic powers for the wearer. Depending on your birth month, there is a gemstone for you! Legend is that if you wear the birthstone of the month you were born in, it will balance your flaws and enhance your strengths. Below are birthstones by month: 


Garnet is a warm and deep hued stone. It brings to those born in January companionship, fidelity and honesty. It protects its owner from ill-health during travel. 


The calm and steady amethyst, is said to help keep those born in February stable and steady. It brings composure and drives away agitation and worry. 


The serene and positive aquamarine exudes a sense of freshness and hope, like the spring that comes each March. It also protects health and is especially advantageous for people who are water lovers. 


Although commonly bought as an engagement symbol of love and unity, the diamond also brings unique powers to people born in April. It fortifies their entire being, and helps protect their purity, bringing out their strengths. 


The beautiful green emerald blesses people born in the month of abundance, May. Its color is associated with fruitfulness and pleasure. Emerald also can help keep the brain sharp. 


The elegant pearl brings to the June-born its qualities of humility and honor. It builds integrity and admiration. Like its wearer, it is modest but undeniably treasured. 


The red-hot summer brings a birthstone fit for what it represents. The ruby stands for ardor and passion. It gives people born in July endless energy and brings them luck and love. It shields its wearer against jealous enemies. 


Peridot, which brings friendship, will help one born in August to stay away from jealousy and helps ward off sadness and fear. It is also particularly helpful in divine inspiration, optimize the effect of healing and enhance one's speech. 


The change in season from summer to autumn in September, brings a stone which marks this transition - warm to cool. To those born in month of September, the sapphire calms and frees the mind of worries. It even guards its wearer from deception, jealousy and ailments. 


The bright and shimmering opal brings loyalty and self-confidence in people born in October. It also keeps the mind sharp. People believe that it is especially good for the eyes. 


November borns can take advantage of Citrine's cheerful qualities, by making its wearer happy and hopeful. It also relaxes the body and cleanses by getting rid of toxins. 


Just like its birth month, the Blue Topaz is icy and cool. Those born in the December month will have a pleasant nature and an enduring outlook from wearing the blue topaz. It is also a symbol of loyalty and devotion, and is said to cure several illnesses.